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Welcome to IQ™, an instant quoting system for rapid prototyping. Mydea's IQ™ system provides an instantaneous quotation (including shipping charges) and allows you to easily change options for your prototypes based on quality, speed and cost requirements. IQ™ currently offers the following forms of rapid prototyping services: SLA (Stereolithography), FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling), MJM (Multi-Jet Modeling), and 3DP (Three-Dimensional Printing).

IQ™ is completely confidential since the user inputs basic size parameters for their 3D file versus uploading the proprietary data. If you do not have CAD data for your design, Mydea can also assist with this service.

First-time users: Mydea Technologies will be happy to "walk you through" the process of using IQ™. Please call 407.737.1991 for assistance.

Enter the part volume and bounding box and get your rapid prototyping quote now.

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