Product Development & 3-D CAD Modeling

Mydea Technologies provides advanced product development services that help companies get to market faster and more efficiently by utilizing rapid production processes.

Have a sketch of your product but don’t know the next step? Mydea technologies can help companies and/or individuals bring their new ideas to fruition quickly and cost-effectively, without a loss of quality. Turning the idea into a three-dimensional computer model is the first step. This data is then used to directly drive the rapid prototyping process in order to 3-dimensionally “print” your design. Once the design has been prototyped and approved, production quantities can be made via a variety of rapid technologies that Mydea can specify and perform.

In addition to 2D to 3D CAD conversion, Mydea can assist with reverse engineering (RE). By using RE, CAD data can be generated for existing parts so that components can be reproduced or modified for new production.


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