Mydea Technologies' founder unveils new metal-finishing process at annual additive fabrication conference at Lake Buena Vista

ORLANDO - Michael Siemer, a former Disney Imagineer and founder of Orlando-based Mydea Technologies, is well known for his creativity and innovation in the fields of product design, development and rapid prototyping.

Now, the chief executive officer of one of the Southeast's leading product development and rapid prototype companies can add another engineering accolade to his professional resume: creating a fast and inexpensive metal-finishing process called "Metal Jacket," which turns objects produced in high-resolution plastic and resin into finished products.

Siemer recently demonstrate the process before thousands of great engineering minds from throughout the United States during a three-day additive manufacturing conference at a resort in Orlando.

The conference, called RAPID, was put on by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and is the largest of its kind in the US. Siemer, who was part of the Advisory Committee for the conference and the previous national chair for the association, personally played an instrumental role in bringing the conference from the Midwest to Orlando this year.

"Technology companies often use prototypes to sell their components," he said. Those prototypes might range from widgets like simple tools and implements to more complicated simulator equipment that precisely replicates the cockpit of a fighter jet, a tank or a cruise ship.

Those companies often turn to Mydea - a member company of the University of Central Florida's Technology Incubator - to create those three-dimensional prototypes and low-volume production items quickly and efficiently.

Mydea also creates many products for the medical and dental industries, as well as models for land developers and architects, by using processes like rapid prototyping to automatically produce complex, physical geometries.

In addition to providing affordable product manufacturing, the five-year-old company also offers confidential instant quotes on its website at

Not needing to register nor upload 3-D files in order to receive a price quote often proves very valuable for those interested in having a product prototype created confidentially, Siemer said.

"Our goal is to help consumers build their own prototypes and products, even down to the smallest of jobs," he said. "We offer a very fast and inexpensive solution for simulated metal parts which has applications in both rapid tooling and direct digital manufacturing."

"We're a "3D Kinko's," Siemer said, adding that while Kinko's can copy anything on paper, Mydea can copy anything in 3D.

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