Mydea Technologies Commissions First Three-dimensional Color Rapid Prototyping Technology

Orlando, FL. (May 18, 2005) - Mydea Technologies, a University of Central Florida Technology Incubator company that provides sophisticated rapid prototyping technology, has launched the Spectrum Z510 3D Printing System, the first high-definition color 3D printer released to the rapid prototyping market.

Rapid prototyping combines design, engineering and manufacturing into a one step process to produce virtually any three-dimensional object in any of a variety of plastics, resins and metals in the shortest time possible.

"With the Spectrum Z510, we can provide highly detailed, 3D multi-colored prototypes faster than ever before," said Michael Siemer, president and chief executive officer at Mydea. "We can substantially expand our current capabilities and represent a savings in cost and time for our clients. In addition, this is the fastest rapid prototyping machine in the world, so our turn-around times for clients should be 1-2 days on average, some even in the same day."

The ability to provide high-definition color prototypes with labels and notes included directly on the model can significantly improve the ability to communicate design concepts throughout the product development process, Siemer said. "We can print details as small as four-point fonts. What it means for the product developer is that we can translate design and engineering concepts into 3D objects you can hold in your hand in time for tomorrow's presentation to investors."

"High definition 3D printing can be used for product design, architectural models, medical and dental reconstruction, custom jewelry and a host of other exciting applications," Siemer added.

"This is a huge advance in rapid prototyping because color adds a fourth dimension."

About Mydea Technologies

Mydea Technologies was incorporated in July 2003 with a mission to assist companies and individuals in all aspects of product development including design and engineering, 3D modeling, rapid prototyping and production. The company is committed to researching and utilizing the newest innovations and technology for rapid product development. Mydea Technologies is located in Orlando, Florida at the UCF Research Park. For more information, visit

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