Mydea Technologies Offers Instant and Confidential Quoting System for Multi-Dimensional Prototypes

Orlando, Fl. (July 19, 2006) - Mydea Technologies, a prototyping product development company, announced it has created a revolutionary price-quoting system, IQ, for Rapid Prototyping technologies. The new service provides an instantaneous and binding price quote for companies who are under time pressures to create efficient prototypes and functional models.

"Prior to Mydea's IQ software, the quoting process could take up to a couple of days. Previously, Mydea signed a non-disclosure agreement, the client sent a file, we analyzed the file and created a quote. The process typically also included negotiations before final approval," said Michael Siemer, founder and president of Mydea Technologies. "The process is not only shorter but streamlined and the client no longer has to share the confidential design details."

Rapid Prototyping combines design, engineering and manufacturing into a one-step process to produce virtually any three-dimensional object in several plastics, resins and metals. IQ from Mydea takes the benefits of rapid prototyping one-step further by creating an opportunity for clients to receive a quote tailored to their particular requirements without having to share any critical or confidential information. The client can simply enter the model's dimensions and choose the material, quantity, finish, color, production speed and delivery method via the Mydea Technologies web site.

"As a medical device company, we like the IQ features of getting instant quotes without having to login or provide our confidential part files. The quote is instant therefore we do not have any delays in getting a quote for the costs and delivery time," said Brian Schumacher, Director of Research and Development with AOI Medical in Orlando, Florida. "By simply knowing the part size and volume, I can evaluate the cost of several different RP technologies, material, quantities, finishes, colors, and response times and then select what works best for me."

About Mydea Technologies

Mydea Technologies was incorporated in July 2003 with a mission to assist companies and individuals in all aspects of product development including design and engineering, 3D modeling, rapid prototyping and production. The company is committed to researching and utilizing the newest innovations and technology for rapid product development. Mydea Technologies is located in Orlando, Florida at the UCF Research Park. For more information, visit

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