Mydea Technologies Offers Highest Definition Three-Dimensional Printing For Customers

Orlando, Fl. (November 7, 2006) - Mydea Technologies, a University of Central Florida Technology Incubator company that provides sophisticated rapid prototyping technology services, has acquired the Objet Eden 333 3-D Printer, the world's highest-resolution rapid prototyping machine.

Rapid prototyping combines design, engineering and manufacturing into a one step process to additively produce virtually any three-dimensional object in a variety of plastics, resins and metals in the shortest time possible. The use of rapid prototyping can accelerate design cycles and the time-to-market.

"With the Eden's Multi-Jet Modeling (MJM) process, we can provide highly detailed prototypes made in semi-clear, white, and other photopolymer resins," said Michael Siemer, president and chief executive officer at Mydea. "Standard rapid prototyping builds in .004 - .010" layers as compared to MJM, which builds in .0006". This new machine will allow us to provide parts with excellent resolution, surface finish, and accuracy. We can now also make flexible parts directly on the machine thus minimizing production times."

In addition to creating complex parts easily and quickly, Mydea Technologies will now be able to produce patterns directly for casting and molding projects, another service offered. This new technology also lends well to creating direct tools for molding purposes. Final production parts can also be made, which can be referred to as rapid manufacturing.

"High definition 3D printing can be used for product design, architectural models, medical and dental reconstruction, custom jewelry and a host of other exciting applications," Siemer added.

Siemer said he was honored to be selected. "This year's Frontiers of Engineering group includes some of the best and brightest engineers my generation has produced," Siemer said.

About Mydea Technologies

Mydea Technologies was incorporated in July 2003 with a mission to assist companies and individuals in all aspects of product development including design and engineering, 3D modeling, rapid prototyping and production. The company is committed to researching and utilizing the newest innovations and technology for rapid product development. Mydea Technologies is located in Orlando, Florida at the UCF Research Park. For more information, visit

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