SRP stands for Subtractive Rapid Prototyping. As compared to Rapid Prototyping (a.k.a. Additive Fabrication), SRP consists of removing material one section at a time to arrive at the final, desired geometry. Mydea typically recommends pursuing this route when stringent material requirements exist, along with other aspects.

Primary advantages of using SRP parts are as follows:
  • Materials: materials will be created from real plastics with isotropic material properties (whatever material you choose) rather than materials that are just similar to the real plastics. With Additive Manufacturing, even the real plastics available such as ABS, PC, Nylon, etc. have limitations due to the process variables like build orientation, layer thickness, post-processing and other factors. Please see the following for a detailed list of available materials: Material Listing

  • Convenience and Speed: you can get these parts at least as fast as you can get additive rapid prototypes for certain geometries

  • Surface Finish: this process eliminates the stair stepping inherent in certain additive processes to yield a better surface finish

  • Click here to see limitations with the SRP process

To get an SRP quote, please email Quotes will be provided within 1 business day depending on additional information required. Please also feel free to contact us with questions at 407.737.1991 ext.102

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