Polyjet Modeling
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Metal Jacket (Nickel Plated)
Direct Metal Laser Sintering
Rapid Tooling
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Polyjet Materials
The array of color choices available for the polyjet materials.
FullCure720 Semi-Transparent
Tango Clear (27 Shore A)
Tango Black (61 Shore A)
Tango Gray (75 Shore A)
Description: Objet's Polyjet modeling process produces the highest resolution functional prototypes available in Rapid Prototyping with 0.0006" layer thickness. Models can be used for form, fit, and function testing and serve as excellent patterns or rapid tools with little pre-processing required. Available colors for the rigid materials are semi-transparent amber, white, blue, and black as well as three flexible materials; black (61 Shore A), Gray (75 Shore A), and Semi-transparent Amber (27 Shore A). Additional information is available contained in the data sheets above.

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