Polyjet Modeling
Fused Deposition Modeling
Selective Laser Sintering
Metal Jacket (Nickel Plated)
Direct Metal Laser Sintering
Rapid Tooling
Direct Digital Manufacturing
3D Printing Materials Video Demo
Color spectrum part made in Zcorp.

Monochrome and full spectrum 3-D color printing

Plaster composite material with CA or Epoxy binder




Description: Ink-jet based process that prints the parts cross sectional geometry on layers of powder spread on top of each other. This process enables models to be built quickly and affordably. Models may also be printed in color. The material is rigid, so living hinges and features that require flexability may lend themselves better to FDM, or SLA. This is a faster process than most Rapid Prototyping processes which can result in savings in cost and time.

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